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Whether you are just getting started on Amazon, or are looking to improve your account’s performance, our consultants know what it takes to optimize performance and drive sales on Amazon.

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    Whether you are just getting started on Amazon, or are looking to improve your account’s performance, our consultants know what it takes to optimize performance and drive sales on Amazon.

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    Amazon Account Strategy and consulting

    With the often complex and constantly changing nature of Amazon, having a strategy in place is essential to ensuring you get the most out of your account. Our Amazon experts can help create individualized plans focused on your business goals while also providing specialized account management. Whether that means creating a business plan, protecting intellectual property, gaining insights into the account’s performance, managing account health and customer experience, improving organic ranking, or improving a current model to increase sales and revenue, we have helped clients every step of the way.

    Front Row Digital’s Amazon consultants are experts in identifying opportunities to enhance an account and grow the business with it. This includes tracking performance, launching products, inventory reporting and management, competitive pricing, sales and ACOS (revenue), FBA and fulfillment consulting, advertising and expansion. This Amazon account strategy will allow the client to be in full control over his or her business and in achieving their goals.

    Whether an Amazon account has expanded and is too much work to handle, or a client is looking for experts helping their business grow – our Amazon consultants offer the expertise and time it takes to maximize the account. Time-consuming and detail-oriented tasks, such as reputation management, reviewing consumer search terms, and managing bids are essential in optimizing an Amazon business. Therefore, Front Row Digital provides clients with a holistic Amazon account strategy that allows them to shift their full focus on growing their business.

    Amazon and the market are constantly evolving – and to be successful, sellers must change with it. Our dynamic management keeps up with the latest changes to keep clients informed about how to maximize performance. Amazon consulting services include coaching, reviewing updates, and discussing performance with clients on a regular basis. This is how FRD ensures optimal Amazon account strategy for everyone’s business.

    Amazon Keyword Research

    Before setting up a campaign, Amazon consultants conduct comprehensive keyword research for the business and the products a client is selling. This is important because campaign success can depend largely on search volume, keyword match type, and the quality and cost of keywords.
    Whether just starting out with a brand-new campaign or looking for ways to improve current keyword performance, our consultants optimize the way clients are spending their money while increasing their revenue. Consultants combine the use of a large database and popular search engines to find the best keywords and opportunities to grow the business.

    Our consultants consult with the client before any research is done. This way the focus can remain on what the client is selling and performing an in-depth analysis to ensure our clients get the most relevant, promising, and cost-effective keywords to maximize results.
    Once Amazon consultants have completed keyword research, a meeting or call is set up to review the results with the client. This ensures that the client can evaluate their keywords based on the direction they want their business to go in, so that Amazon campaign managers can make any final adjustments. It will also allow to set up campaigns and ad groups in a thematic scheme that makes sense for both the products being sold and the way Amazon lists these products.

    By allowing Front Row Digital to take over Amazon keyword research, the consultants can watch, adjust, and improve the account performance from the start. This allows clients to focus on other important areas of growing their business. As an Amazon consulting company, Front Row Digital can provide sellers with expertise and a dynamic strategy to keep their business running at its best.

    Amazon Advertising and Reputation Management

    After Amazon consultants have set up the essential steps required for campaigns to run successfully, they direct their attention to Amazon advertising and campaign management. What this means is that they work on the many tasks that need to be maintained for a business to take off and perform well. This includes managing Amazon SEO, Bid optimization and campaign management, promotional campaigns, and calendars and more.
    One important Amazon campaign management task consultants focus on is making bid – and budget adjustments based on performance. Amazon account managers regularly review sales, ACOS, clicks, impressions, cost, and other metrics reflecting overall account health. That way it can be guaranteed that clients are investing their money effectively and in a way that improves their campaigns’ performance.

    Together with bid and budget maintenance, consultants manage product listings and observe any inventory changes to keep up with the current supply and demand. Communication and allowing for a continuous exchange of information regarding inventory, status, and other important changes that might affect account performance are highly recommended to continue growing a client’s business on their end.

    Reviewing customer search terms and building out negative keyword lists are necessary in Amazon advertising management, to focus a campaign’s targeting and spend. Choosing what not to target will help Amazon show an ad only to the searches and customers that the account should be targeting. This will, in turn, decrease wasting money on clicks that are irrelevant to the product listings, and allow for a higher quality, conversion rate, and overall performance.

    Another critical function is reputation management. Responding to feedback and keeping Amazon ratings high is vital to the account’s health and appearance to future customers. Sales and revenue depend heavily on feedback and ratings from former customers. Therefore, keeping up a high standard of customer service- and experience is an integral part of Amazon advertising management.

    In addition to the tasks mentioned above, there are many other areas that are an important part of Amazon advertising and campaign management. As an Amazon consulting company, Front Row Digital has the experience and know-how necessary to help clients’ accounts thrive and their businesses grow.

    Product Launch

    Adding new products to your Amazon catalog can be a daunting task, with all the steps it takes to launch a product on Amazon, combined with the many ways to promote new products, it can be hard to determine where to start. Our experienced Amazon consultants have the knowledge and skill it takes to ensure a product launch is successful. From creating high quality listings and A+ content, assisting with product images, discussing planning and logistics, creating campaigns and promotions, managing reviews and customer experience, to tracking new product performance, our consults have the experience required manage a successful product launch from start to finish.

    When the time comes to launch new products on Amazon, our consultants first meet with clients to determine the best steps to take before bringing new products to the channel. This includes assisting with initial research to determine the performance potential of a new product on amazon, creating a strategic plan for launch to ensure all business goals can be reached, and conducting precursory keyword and advertising research to determine next steps for advertising and promotions.

    Once it is determined that a product could be successful on Amazon, our consultants get to work creating pages for your storefront, product listings, and A+ content, as well as gathering product images and videos to be used on these pages and in ads. Our consultants also work closely with the business to determine plans for fulfillment and stocking information for launch, as well as what will be needed to ensure customer experience management strategies are in place to manage reviews and protect account health while launching the product on time.

    After the development of launch strategy and the optimization of product listings, our consultants create ads and promotions and establish reports to monitor performance as needed to maintain your conversion rates and establish high rankings on Amazon after launch.

    Content Optimization

    An important aspect of Amazon account management are product listings and A+ content. With so many ways to promote a store and brand, it is essential to choose the right one for your business. Amazon consultants at Front Row Digital work directly with clients to gain an understanding of their goals, business, and products to find what works best. We specialize in listings optimizations and strategy, A+ content creation and optimization, detail page optimizations, and brand store design.

    Among the last steps of getting customers to complete an order is to showcase an attractive product listing. Every listing should reflect the brand, style, quality, and trustworthiness of the seller to get customers to buy the product. Having an optimized listing also means spending money in the right places, which leads to clicks that are more likely to result in a customer feeling good about buying the product.
    Amazon product listing optimization will allow a client to reach more people, achieve a higher ranking, and lead to more sales. The feedback and ratings, a concise description of the product, high-quality images, as well as other important product details allow the seller and brand to stand out among competitors. Allowing Amazon consultants to create product listings, not only shows the client and product in the best light possible, but also increases the quality of advertising, ratings, and sales.

    Front Row Digital’s consultants specialize in excellent account management, which includes Amazon product listings that allow clients to grow their business and sales. With an open and continuous communication regarding a client’s performance and goals, Front Row Digital’s Amazon consultants ensure that all needs are met, and the account is up to date. Letting consultants do the work for listings and management tasks means that clients can take their time back and focus on growing their successful Amazon business.

    Amazon Reporting

    After all the account settings and optimizations have been made, Amazon consultants will reach out to the client to report on the performance and overall account health. This includes the campaigns, targeting, search terms and keywords, ACOS and sales, inventory and products, creative and product listings, as well as any other changes that are important to your account performance.
    For a client’s account to keep performing well, it is essential to communicate any changes or issues regularly. That way both the seller and consultant are able to make adjustments and plan accordingly. Amazon is fast-paced, dynamic, and constantly evolving, which means staying on top of the game is the key to running a successful business.

    Whether a client is interested in discussing account strategy, budget and inventory, or a plan for the months to come, Amazon consultants will use the best way of reporting for each concern. Weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports and meetings can be used to keep track of everything and plan ahead.

    Amazon reporting allows clients to be informed about their account’s performance, without having to search for data and analyze it themselves. Front Row Digital’s Amazon consultants are experts in data analysis, and their experience with Amazon campaign management will allow clients to make the best out of their business, with a plan and strategy that is based on carefully evaluated data.
    Clients and consultants use Amazon reporting to make decisions that will have the biggest impact, gain the most sales, and develop a plan that makes the most sense for the business. Evaluating pricing, inventory, products, and competition allows clients to gain insights into staying competitive and making the most out of their account.

    To conclude, at Front Row Digital, Amazon consultants keep their clients in the loop with regular reporting and setting up calls or meetings to discuss the findings. This is an essential step in maintaining account health, addressing issues that may come up, and develop goals together. Clients can work on other important aspects of their business, while consultants will use their experience and expertise to create reports that reflect your account’s performance with data that can be put into words and action.