Case Study: New eCommerce Site Helps Triple Business

eCommerce Case Study: Old Site breaking under the strain of Successful eMarketing

eCommerce Case Study

An emarketing client’s website was holding them back. The site had been up in one form or another for 5 years and had become a Frankenstein’s monster of changes and tacked-on features. We had been doing eMarketing for them for just over a year and had helped them almost double their business. Unfortunately their previous ecommerce solution was showing its age and had started to have odd technical glitches including crashing and messing up their Google Product feed. Since the emarketing was continuing to ramp up traffic the demand on the site was very likely to exceed its capacity with in just a few more months. It was time to engage our web development team to help them improve their eCommerce site.

Our ecommerce experts were able to help them review and choose the best ecommerce solution for them and map out the development and transition from the old to the new site. With over 145,000 Skus this was not an inconsequential effort. In addition, switching to the new platform allowed them to add features to the site that they had been trying to get through their old provider for years such as better category and subcategory support, product tagging and filtering, adding robust search capabilities and more. Even better, by building a custom solution on top of a well-known and popular shopping cart the client was able to take advantage of a large library of plugins and better integrate their (and our) emarketing efforts with the new site including banner and email marketing integration, automated abandoned cart follow up and more detailed conversion tracking and Analytics.

In just the first few months of the project sales were up 20% and within the first year of having the new site their business has tripled.