Breakthrough Results for Selling Online

FRD builds complete solutions for online selling, regardless of the platform. We bring a broad set of tools and experience to create websites that convert.

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55 Years of Combined Experience

$1 Billion in Revenue

End-to-End Technology Consulting

Experts In eCommerce Platforms

Our customers come from a wide variety of backgrounds and areas of business, and often will bring a pre-existing eCommerce platform with them. There's often been a significant investment into the existing website infrastructure and we're more then happy to work both with your team and platform. We can modify, optimize or even combine solutions together to help you achieve the best return. If you have or need a unique shopping cart, our development team would be more then happy to give our advice and provide solutions.

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Expert Growth

Here at Front Row Digital, we've had the great opportunity to provide our expertise and support to help small and medium size businesses bring their entire line of products and services online, allowing them to create new revenue channels (both direct to consumer and business to business).  Common hurdles such as large product option data sets, retention campaigns and conversion funnel optimizations are right in our wheelhouse!  It doesn't matter if you currently have only a paperback catalog or an already successful eCommerce presence, Front Row Digital can help push you to the next level of profitability.

We can help you achieve your business goals not only via your website, but by delivering sales and traffic to your products via the hottest online marketplaces.  One of our longtime customers saw a 1900% increase in revenue over the course of two years, purely attributable to opening the floodgates of additional sales channels, unleashing his returns on PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and a highly profitable retention campaign.  While this may seem almost unbelievable, these results aren't far off from what we typically see!  Utilizing the experience that our team brings to the table, your business growth is just a call (or email) away!

SEO & PPC Optimized

The biggest mistake we see on new incoming client's websites, is that their product pages are not optimized for search. Just putting a website up isn't enough in today's competitive fast paced marketplace.  Front Row Digital can help you optimize your entire eCommerce site for search and pay-per-click marketing; Everything from helping you  with  high quality photos that have a massive visual impact to creating product descriptions that will help convert a visitor into a buyer.  The best part?  Optimizing your eCommerce site for SEO & PPC will have an immediate positive impact on your marketing efforts.  We hook up conversion and goal focused analytics so you can look at hard numbers to track the progress of spend to revenue.

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Services We Offer

Ground Up Platform Agnostic Support

  • Provide either a new platform or work with your existing infrastucture
  • Create a robust cloud based server solution based on your needs
  • Security and PCI compliance assistance
  • Full stack development provided in house


  • Create optimized content for every page of your eCommerce site
  • Create SEO optimized content that aids in search ranking
  • Content that looks and sounds good to your target market
  • Create engaging content that helps translate to sales
  • Content to aid in higher Adwords quality scores

Email Retention Campaigns

  • #1 Best ROI of all marketing efforts
  • Direct communication w/ customers is important for long term retention
  • Create campaigns based on analysis of existing customer data
  • Focus on getting previous or inactive customers to purchase.
  • Create dynamic and engaging email campaigns that stand out and help customers understand value of what you’re selling and to keep buying


  • In-depth reporting
  • Monitoring web traffic and evaluating best mediums for funneling customers into the website.
  • This is how we cater to each brand’s unique needs. Action based on results.


  • Paid advertising campaigns that drive product sales
  • Consistent brand messaging that not only reaches the target market, but engages it
  • On-brand content creation that puts ecommerce product in the best light
  • Reputation Management - Quick response to customer questions and concerns that fosters a positive view of a brand

Process Optimization

  • Creative assistance to optimize on site and marketing graphics for maximum conversion
  • Conversion funnel optimization and tracking
  • Checkout process optimization
  • Abandoned cart split testing


  • Use the latest AI and database techniques to reduce manual labor
  • Save money by letting computers do the repetitive tasks
  • Utilize any cart API functionality with custom development

Product Feed Aggregation

  • Exponentially increase sales by sending your products to 3rd party websites
  • Feed creation and optimization
  • Process and server automation to reduce labor