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    With Amazon account strategy, the focus is on getting the most out of an Amazon account – whether that is creating a business plan, gaining insights into the account’s performance, or improving a current model to increase sales and revenue. There will be a personalized plan that is focused on the business and goals, together with specialized account management to get the most out of the Amazon account.

    FRD’s account managers will identify and discuss business needs, and they will point out and review areas that need improvement. Important factors to start with are the products, pricing, and inventory. Whether the account is just getting started or has been running for a while – the consultants will make sure that the account has what it takes to become competitive in the field.

    Front Row Digital’s Amazon consultants are experts in identifying opportunities to enhance an account and grow the business with it. This includes tracking performance, inventory, sales and ACOS (revenue), advertising and expansion. This Amazon account strategy will allow the client to be in full control over his or her business and in achieving their goals.

    Whether an Amazon account has expanded and is too much work to handle, or a client is looking for experts helping their business grow – Amazon consultants will offer the help and time it takes to maximize the account. Time-consuming and detail-oriented tasks, such as reputation management, reviewing consumer search terms, and managing bids are essential in optimizing an Amazon business. Therefore, Front Row Digital provides clients with a holistic Amazon account strategy that allows them to shift their full focus on growing their business.

    Amazon and the market are constantly evolving – and accounts should change with it. This dynamic management will keep up with the latest changes and keep clients informed about how they can move in the right direction. Amazon consulting services will include coaching, reviewing updates, and discussing performance with clients on a regular basis. This is how FRD ensures to have an optimal Amazon account strategy for everyone’s business.