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    After all the account settings and optimizations have been made, Amazon consultants will reach out to the client to report on the performance and overall account health. This includes the campaigns, targeting, search terms and keywords, ACOS and sales, inventory and products, creative and product listings, as well as any other changes that are important to go over with the client.

    For a client’s account to keep performing well, it is essential to communicate any changes or issues regularly. That way both the seller and consultant will be able to make adjustments and plan accordingly. Amazon is fast-paced, dynamic, and constantly evolving, which means staying on top of the game is the key to running a successful business.

    Whether a client is interested in discussing account strategy, budget and inventory, or a plan for the next months to come, Amazon consultants will use the best way of reporting for each concern. Weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports and meetings can be used to keep track of everything and plan ahead.

    Amazon reporting will allow clients to be informed about their account’s performance, without having to search for data and analyze it themselves. Front Row Digital’s Amazon consultants are experts in data analysis, and their experience with Amazon campaign management will allow clients to make the best out of their business, with a plan and strategy that is based on carefully evaluated data.

    Clients and consultants can use Amazon reporting to make decisions that will have the biggest impact, gain the most sales, and develop a plan that makes the most sense for the business. Evaluating pricing, inventory, products, and competition will allow clients to gain insights into staying competitive and making the most out of their account.

    To conclude, at Front Row Digital, Amazon consultants will keep their clients in the loop with regular reporting and setting up calls or meetings to discuss the findings. This is an essential step in allowing everyone to stay in the loop, watch for issues that may come up, and develop goals together. Clients can work on other important aspects of their business, while consultants will use their experience and expertise to create reports that reflect your account’s performance with data that can be put into words and action.