Tracking Results

Not all clicks were created equal. Tracking results proves it.


Tracking your results is an important factor of any marketing campaign. You want to know that your advertising dollars are bringing in a good return on your investment. The best way to ensure that you get the most for your money is to carefully track your results. Whether your goal is increased lead generation, sales or signups, FRD can help you put together a plan to:

  • Identify marketing campaigns that work
  • Speed up your success rate
  • Increase revenue
  • Decrease costs

Not all clicks were created equal. Get the clicks that increase revenue.

Tracking Internet Marketing Results

Tracking the results of internet marketing efforts is lets separates the wheat from the chaff. Find out what works and what doesn’t.  Our results tracking helps you identify the clicks that earn money for your organization and the ones that don’t. Clearly, it’s important that visitors see and click on your ads and your website on targeted search terms, but when your goal is to increase leads or boost sales, you need reports that show how much of your revenue originated with users who saw your ads and which ads did the best. FRD is a results-driven company, and our results tracking is targeted at proving the effectiveness of your advertising plan in order to guide our next steps.

We will also report on the number of people who see your online ads and how often they click on your ads. Then we devise an ad optimization plan that will get trackable results. Sure, other SEO firms may help you get results, the difference with FRD is that we generate results in days instead of the many weeks and months that our competitors take to accomplish the same goal.

We use a variety of business tools to help with tracking results, and your reports are always available to you. Transparency is one of our top priorities. We will offer visual evidence that your FRD marketing plan is working for you. If you need to see proof that advertising your business online is effective, the FRD marketing plan is ideal for you.