Twin Cities Web Marketing

Twin Cities Web Marketing

Whether we call it Twin Cities web marketing, internet marketing or search engine marketing, the objective is the same: deliver qualified website visitors to your website and convert people into sales opportunities and clients.

Our way of web marketing is focused on 4 primary regions that will help you be successful.

  • Converting Visitors into Customers
  • Returning Visitors
  • Traffic Generation
  • Measuring Results

Converting visitors directly into customers
Your site needs to be a sales and lead generation device. Site visitors come to websites looking for a specific item or service. Your website should make it obvious what you are selling and what you want the user to do. Whether that is filling out a contact form or making a direct purchase.

Once a person becomes a client the next step is preserving them as a customer. E-mail marketing is a proven method of gaining and growing sales with your prospective customers, as well as creating repeat business. Another potent tool is Social Media marketing because it allows you to interact your prospects and buyers on a continuing basis by using tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Traffic Generation
How would you get individuals to your website? The first step is researching the keywords that people are using when searching for the products or services your company provides. Next is creating relevant content based on those keywords. It is important for your website to show up ranking high in search engine result pages, and this can be done with the help of Front Row Digital.

How do you know it is working? By using commercial tools to evaluate how many users are coming to your web page, how they found you and what they did once they got there. Performed correctly this will help regularly improve your site and judge the outcome of your interactive Twin Cities web marketing attempts. We can teach you how to get the most from these tools as well as analyze the particular reports in our website marketing consulting.