Competitive Insight And Analysis

Do you want to know how well you stack up against your competitors? Our Competitive Insight and Analysis services tell you.

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    Are you concerned about using your website as a tool to help you stay ahead of the competition? FRD's proven methods for Web Competitive Insight and Analysis will help you rise to the top and maintain your standing within the industry.

    • Know how you stack up against your competitors
    • Find hidden opportunities in the marketplace
    • Increase your market share by finding customers that your competition overlooked
    • Reach qualified customers who are ready to start a relationship with your business

    Strong Competitive knowledge of your competitor's web presence and activities will show you where competition is strong and where it is weak. Take advantage of the things they do right and avoid doing the things they do wrong.

    Competitive Insight and Analysis

    Proportion of Visits: Pay attention to how well you rank against your competitors by examining the ratio of customers visiting your site compared to similar businesses in the industry or specifically compared to another competitor.

    Proportion of Search Engine Rankings: The vast majority of internet users begin with a web search. Your comparative ranking among your competitors offers some insight into the effectiveness of your ad campaigns and search engine optimization for your website. Always take this measure before and after beginning extensive SEO campaigns so that you can test effectiveness of your efforts.

    Proportion of Key Phrase Traffic: FRD can obtain a report of the top results for keywords and phrases that are relevant to your industry or niche market. Our in-depth analysis and strategic planning will help you increase keyword-driven traffic to your website.

    In vs Out: It’s important to know where your customers are coming from and where they go after they leave your site. For example, wouldn’t you want to know customers always visit a competitor’s website immediately after visiting yours? The goal of “upstream and downstream” traffic analysis is to monitor where your site’s visitors go after that arrive at your site. Doing so can help highlight areas of opportunity for your current site as well as highlight the part of your site that are most effective. Your traffic analysis report will also provide some information about your most successful referral partners. This information can help you reward partners that generate revenue and encourage other sources to become more beneficial to your organization.