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FRD's Rapid Growth internet strategies can dramatically reduce the time it takes to build your web presence.

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    It used to be that having an Internet Strategy meant you had a website. Those days are over. As the internet has grown both in the number of websites trying to get your customer’s attention and in the how big a part of your customers’ and prospects’ lives you need a strategy that includes not only your website but how you will get people to visit it and do business with you either through a sale via ecommerce or by giving you a lead. Winging it won’t cut it anymore.

    We have a combined 50 years of experience making the internet work for businesses and organizations on top of another 40 years of successful business experience. From startups to enterprise, both on the client side and from inside agencies know what it takes to make internet efforts successful. To build a winning Internet Strategy we focus on:

    • Understanding your business and your business goals.
    • Understanding the competitive market you operate in.
    • Figuring out what your clients are looking for.
    • Putting together a workable and achievable plan that gets you in front of your clients and captures the sale or lead. 

    Internet Strategy and Planning

    Every business is unique. Even companies selling the same type of product to the same type of customers are unique. Unique in how they approach their goals and how they do business. Each internet strategy we work on is tailored for the specific business or organization it is made for. Made to suit the way you do business and the goals you are trying to achieve.

    In order for your Internet strategy to be successful, you need a detailed plan, or digital blueprint, that outlines the marketing, sales and business elements that need to be implemented to achieve your desired goals and objectives on the internet.

    Without strong implementation the best strategy in the world will get you nowhere. So we don’t stop once the strategy is defined. We continue working with you and your team to put the strategy into action and take the steps needed to make the strategy a success. Along the way we work with you to analyze progress and make whatever course corrections are needed..

    Our goal is to partner with you, working closely with your staff to implement your digital blueprint successfully, ensuring that your goals are kept in the forefront of all that we do.

    The strategy will outline how to effectively reach your target market and overcome online competition.

    This type of planning is critical to the ultimate success of your Internet business efforts. We work very closely with you to ensure that the plan delivers the business results that you require.

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