Process Design & Improvement

Eliminate waste, re-work, duplication and other inefficiencies with Process Design & Improvement.

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    Are you on the Internet without being ON the internet? We help companies and organizations move offline business processes onto the internet. The advantages to online Process Design & Improvement are that functionality that was only available during office hours is now available 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world. Your clients are ready for the ever-changing global environment in your industry… are you? Are your company’s day-to-day processes aligned with the overall vision and mission or your organization? Let us put our decades of experience in automating offline processes to work for you.

    • Which of your offline processes are prime candidates for automation?
    • What processes currently being handled manually can be done easier, faster and with better results if completed online?
    • How can your clients' satisfaction with your organization be improved by making your business processes available 24/7?

    Web Process Design & Improvement

    FRD helps you design processes that are key components of today’s online business environment. We help you develop processes that are efficient, flexible and responsive. We make sure that your message is properly aligned with your organizational objectives, creating a seamless approach to developing a highly effective business model. Whether you are implementing new e-channels or cutting significant costs and time from existing processes, FRD puts the right processes in place for your organization to ensure that you deliver the great services that is expected from your company.

    • Process Flow: The processes we design for your organization will flow with ease internally and externally to and from suppliers, distributors, agents and even customers. All those involved in your organization will be familiar with your organization’s culture, because we will provide products or services that will have an associated set of processes that is only unique to your company.
    • Process Optimization: Process improvement and development are important in all sectors of business, from service, to manufacturing to the distribution industries. The processes we recommend for you can be applied to improve your organization from the bottom up.
    • Processing Mapping: We can map existing processes and identify ways to eliminate waste, re-work, duplication or other efficiency-killing processes. Likewise, we can improve your design by using a clean-slate technique, using a top-down approach by choosing a management style that balances risks against deliverables set within the context of the business’s needs.

    Fast efficient processes are becoming increasingly mandatory in a global business environment. By choosing our services to improve the efficiency of your company through process design and development, you are taking the necessary steps to staying competitive in your industry.