Internet Integration

Internet integration will make your organization accessible to clients, staff and vendors on a 24/7 basis.

  • Revenue
  • Leads
  • Web Traffic
  • Content Strategy

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    Internet Integration. We think of it as "Webifcation" and what it means is getting as much of your business webified and online as possible. The more you can do online for your customers the more they will engage with your organization. The list of things your company does now that can be done online is vast. From sales presentations to customer service, from collaboration to online layout and design of custom products, from answering support questions to building self-supporting online communities all of these come together with internet integration. By taking advantage of our decades of webification experience you can:

    • Improve customer satisfaction.
    • Reduce costs.
    • Increase leads, sales and client retention.
    • Strengthen your relationships with your customers.
    • Be more responsive in today’s demanding internet market place.


    Internet Integration

    Let us show you how, by integrating your company’s existing processes with the internet, you can reduce costs and increase revenue. Internet integration will make your organization accessible to clients, staff and vendors on a 24/7 basis

    Increase Revenue: Internet integration can increase your revenues, reduce business costs and improve communication and productivity with your organization’s staff. We will consult with your businesses to determine their technology needs and achieve your company’s objectives. With our tools, we will provide you with Internet development services.

    Increase Competitive Advantage: Gain competitive advantages by using the latest technological advances. Potential application to a wide range of business processes. Our services will allow you to stay abreast of the latest technologies used in your business sector. You will stay abreast of the industry by providing you with the information specifically tailored to each client. You can rest assured that your company will receive ongoing support and recommendations.

    Enhance Profitability: Learn how to use the Internet quickly and easily for end-users. Web applications require little maintenance and set up, and clients to access integrated files through the Internet. Our company will show how your organization can access distributed files from existing databases for staff. Your customers can engage on the Website by reading and interacting with customized media for your company.

    Internet integration will increase your profits and reduce organizational costs, while improving communication through your company. You can use these solutions for tracking and maintaining sales, purchasing, and order tracking. By integrating your office’s systems with web-based applications, you can create an online environment for human resources, customer service, and staff training.

    FRD isn't just a Minneapolis web design company - we are your full "webification" provider! Our services can improve the communications and interactions with your employees, customers and vendors. We provide solutions to an array of business challenges. With a low total cost for a big return on an investment, integrating business processes with the Internet is a great way to grow your business.