Case Study: Small Site, Tight Schedule, Huge Payoff

Small Website Case Study: Small Client/Big Problem - Big Deal Hinges on New site.

Small Website Case Study

A small client came to us with a problem. They were in competition with several larger competitors for a big deal. They had a booster inside the potential client who had told them that their current website, when compared side-by-side with their competitors, made them look out-of-date and behind the times. They needed a new site, and they needed all the web development done in just 4 days so that their new site could represent them at the potential customer’s board meeting.

Using content from the existing site, a mix of client supplied and stock imagery as well as updated logos and graphics from our in-house designers we had their new site up and running in just 2 days. We were even able to add a couple of new pages.

The good news: they made the board meeting, the great news: they got the deal. The best news of all: They won’t be a “small” client much longer.