Reach more customers,
drive more sales,
build loyal customers.

reach more customers faster

3 reasons email
marketing is important

01 //

Cost effective & measurable

Email marketing is cost- effective & measurable, providing real-time campaign success tracking. 

02 //

Consistency & credibility

Regular emails can maintain brand top-of-mind and establish credibility. 

03 //

Exclusive offers & incentives

Exclusive offers and incentives to email subscribers can build loyalty and encourage repeat purchases and referrals. 


Drive conversions,
deliver your message

Email marketing is a powerful & cost-effective way to reach potential customers. It allows businesses to easily reach a large audience quickly, while also providing the flexibility to customize messages to target specific audiences. Additionally, email marketing campaigns can be tracked and measured, allowing businesses to optimize their efforts & measure their success.


How we work

We understand that every business is unique, which is why we offer both pre-made packages & the flexibility to create a custom package that fits your specific needs and budget. Whether you’re looking to build brand awarness, generate leads, or maximize your ROI. We have created a package for you.


01 // Inbox Ignite

This package is designed for small businesses or individuals who are just starting out with email marketing. It includes a basic email template design, list management, content creation and curation, and monthly reporting on key metrics like open rates and click-through rates. This package is ideal for businesses looking to build brand awareness, generate leads, or drive traffic to their website.

2 Email Campaigns Per/ Month

2 Template Designs

Graphics for Emails

1 Revision Per/ Campaign

List Management

Sign-Up Forms on Website


02 // Email Empower

For businesses looking to take their email marketing to the next level, Email Empower includes everything in the Inbox Ignite package plus additional services like advanced segmentation, A/B testing, and automation workflows. This package is great for companies looking to build a more engaged email list, increase customer loyalty, or drive more sales through email marketing.

3 Email Campaigns Per/ Month

3 Template Designs

Graphics for Emails

2 Revision Per/ Campaign

A/B Testing

Sign-Up Forms & Pop-Up Forms

List Management

Monthly Report

3 Automation Flow Management


03 // Email Elite

This premium package is designed for businesses with a robust email marketing strategy and a desire to maximize their ROI. It includes all of the services in the Email Empower package plus additional services like custom landing pages, lead magnets, and advanced analytics and reporting. This package is ideal for companies that want to establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry and drive significant revenue through email marketing.

4 Email Campaigns Per/ Month

4 Template Designs

Graphics for Emails

2 Revision Per/ Campaign

A/B Testing

List Management

All Flow Management

All SMS Flow Management

Email List Growth-Giveaways

Sign-Up Forms & Pop-Up Form

Monthly Report

Lead Magnet – Custom Sign-Up Form/Landing Page Offer

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