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    Adding new products to your Amazon catalog can be a daunting task, with all the steps it takes to launch a product on Amazon, combined with the many ways to promote new products, it can be hard to determine where to start. Our experienced Amazon consultants have the knowledge and skill it takes to ensure a product launch is successful. From creating high quality listings and A+ content, assisting with product images, discussing planning and logistics, creating campaigns and promotions, managing reviews and customer experience, to tracking new product performance, our consults have the experience required manage a successful product launch from start to finish.

    When the time comes to launch new products on Amazon, our consultants first meet with clients to determine the best steps to take before bringing new products to the channel. This includes assisting with initial research to determine the performance potential of a new product on amazon, creating a strategic plan for launch to ensure all business goals can be reached, and conducting precursory keyword and advertising research to determine next steps for advertising and promotions.

    Once it is determined that a product could be successful on Amazon, our consultants get to work creating pages for your storefront, product listings, and A+ content, as well as gathering product images and videos to be used on these pages and in ads. Our consultants also work closely with the business to determine plans for fulfillment and stocking information for launch, as well as what will be needed to ensure customer experience management strategies are in place to manage reviews and protect account health while launching the product on time.

    After the development of launch strategy and the optimization of product listings, our consultants create ads and promotions and establish reports to monitor performance as needed to maintain your conversion rates and establish high rankings on Amazon after launch.