Website Design and Development

Website design and development that leverages our SEO and PPC expertise to do a better job of getting traffic and converting it to leads and sales.


Website Design

Bounces. We hate bounces. A Bounce is a visitor who exits your site from the same page they landed on, usually in a couple of seconds or less. A high bounce rate is a strong indicator of poor Web Design. And while a site’s design is never the only culprit responsible for bounces, it frequently has a lot to do with it. A website’s design is not just about how it looks. It's about how easy and obvious and recognizable the navigation is to the user. When we visit websites for the first time we all ask ourselves: “Can I find what I am looking for here?” and then we make a snap judgement based on what we see in the first fractions of a second – If the answer is yes, no bounce. If the answer is no the visitor bounces right back to the search engine or web page they saw your link on, and clicks on someone else’s link.

Good website design needs a good foundation.

  • Strong knowledge of what is being offered.
  • Defined goals of the site and specific pages.
  • Good understanding of who the visitor is, where they came for and what they are looking for.
  • Visual design and navigation that lets visitors know they have found the right place.

Website Design and Development

The design of your website is frequently the first, and possibly the only, impression your customers will have of your company or organization. Translate that to the real world – we have all been in stores and offices the felt cluttered and unfocused and we have all been in places that were well organized, were we got what we were looking for easily and quickly and that left us feeling that we would be back again and again. Your website’s design is what will give your prospects and customers those impressions about you.

One of the amazing things about the web is that great design, design informed by the needs of your prospective clients so that the site is both visually appealing and successful at converting your visitors into customers costs not much more than bad design. Like everything else about a website design works best if it starts with the goals of the site in mind.

It is also a good idea to keep in mind that good design is not just visual. Good design includes the user interface of your website. Like an application or a cell phone a good user interface (navigation, layout and so on) gets user where they are trying to go quickly and efficiently,  a bad interface can make it so painful that visitors leave before they take the next step towards doing business with you.

The navigation you use, the images you choose, the fonts, colors and white space all have an impact on how your company is perceived. Making poor choices here will send your visitors scurrying back to the search engines for the next result.

Website Development

The development of your site is just a crucial as the design. For development to go smoothly all the pieces have to come together at the same time. The methods of developing websites vary depending on the requirements and goals of the site. Some sites need to be built from scratch, incorporating custom databases and capabilities. Other sites can take advantage of off-the-shelf and open source tools such as a content management system like WordPress or ecommerce tools such as Magento.

Either way FRD can help. Front Row Digital is a Minneapolis web design company that's designed and built numerous websites, and have helped many companies improve their web presence through professional design, well-planned Information architecture, easy-to-use navigation and well thought out development and implementation.