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Don't waste time trying to find customers. Good website planning will help customers find YOU.

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  • Search Engine Optimization

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    We don’t do Website Planning or design like other people.

    Traditionally Website Planning is based around what the owner of the website wants to say to visitors. The layout, graphic design and content are focused on getting that message across. The pages are laid out the content is written and then at the very end, or sometimes not at all, the question is asked: “How are we going to get people to visit the site?” Then a paid search or SEO firm is brought in to retrofit the site to get traffic. We approach it from the other end of the process. We think of it as Search Based or Traffic Based Website Planning. We start with the traffic source in mind.

    Goals are important, message is important, brand is important, but none of that matters without traffic.

    • Who are your potential visitors?
    • What information are they looking for?
    • What are the related terms being searched?
    • What are the search volumes of those terms?

    Website Planning Methodology

    By starting with how visitors will find your site and determining what they are likely to be looking for (based on the search volume of related keyword phrases) we are able to help plan and build sites that help bring in qualified traffic and convert that traffic to sales and leads.

    We see websites as conversations, conversations you get to have over and over again with visitors to your site. If your site is built to “say something” rather than to have a conversation then you’re not going to get the full benefit of a well planned and executed website.

    Our team has decades of experience planning and putting together websites that communicate your message and achieve your goals while getting the visitor traffic that is required to be successful.

    Our planning starts with your business and goals but between those and planning the website we detour through keyword research and competitive analysis. Once we know which terms are being used by prospective visitors to your site we can build a plan that includes navigation layout, content, site and section focus and informs visual design.

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