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It is estimated less than 10% of businesses are using email marketing. Join the top 10% that do.

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    Email marketing seems easy enough. Other Email Marketing Consultants tell you how simple it is to do. What they don’t tell you about are the pitfalls. To get the results you’re looking for you need a strong email marketing strategy and metrics to track the results of your email campaigns.

    We help you:

    • Create a targeted Email Marketing Strategy
    • Winning email campaigns get better results
    • Strong copy means your emails get read
    • Quality testing so your emails go out accurately
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    Email Marketing

    It is estimated less than 10% of businesses are using email marketing and judging from the emails we get many of those are not using it to its full potential.

    With the right plan and proper execution there are few marketing tactics as powerful as emailing existing and potential customers with information they have asked to receive.

    We offer more than just setting up and sending emails. The first step in a successful email marketing campaign is building your list of subscribers. Subscribers can and should include previous customers and visitors to your site who have been given the opportunity to sign up to learn more and opt in to your mailing list.

    When you engage us, we bring all our marketing experience to the table. That means a combined 30 years of email and e-marketing experience serving hundreds of clients in dozens of different industries.

    Every client has different requirements so our recommendations are tailored to your email marketing needs.