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Expert Pay-Per-Click Management/ Search Engine Marketing

Targeted Traffic, Better ROI, Instant Results

There are a lot of companies out there that just do PPC, or just do SEO, We frequently get asked why we do both. The reason is that while SEO and PPC work well on their own, when they work together they are unbeatable.

We learned long ago, and the hard way (with our own money) that done poorly, paid search can be a black hole – everything goes in and nothing comes out. When done right the results are phenomenal. There is no faster method to bring targeted traffic to your website. Pay-Per-Click campaigns can be set up, turned live and generating traffic, leads and sales in just a few hours.

  • PPC is fast. Your site can be in front of customers in a few hours
  • Targeted ads to find the customers who are looking for what you offer.
  • Tracking and reporting tools allow consistent improvement over time
  • Test ads and marketing concepts to see how users respond

Pay-Per-Click and SEO Working Together

Both PPC and SEO have strengths and weaknesses. You can get great results from running one or the other. The advantage to combining them is screen real estate. No matter how good your SEO or PPC on their own they can only own so much of the search results. Together they can own a lot more and done right they can achieve results neither can on their own. Being on the top of page one is great. Owning the top of page one is better.

The Trick To Great Pay-Per-Click
There’s no trick to pay-per-click advertising, just a lot if details. A LOT of details. Putting all these details together and building campaigns that achieve the desired results is what sets great PPC marketers apart from everyone else. We’ve spent years, and millions of dollars figuring out those details and making them all work together.

PPC Campaigns Come In All Sizes
The paid search campaigns we work on range from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dollars in monthly spend. The one thing they all share is that they have to provide Positive ROI. Without strong returns there is not much point to doing it. The tactics we use might vary depending on the size of the campaign but the basics remain the same:

  • Closely related targeted groups of keywords or search terms
  • Ad copy that grabs attention and makes searchers want to click
  • Relevant copy on the website
  • Managing the variables
  • Testing and analysis for constant improvement

We Audit Existing Campaigns
Already have a PPC campaign that is working well (or maybe not?) we can take a look and provide you an actionable list of changes that will improve it. And if we can’t we won’t charge you for it.

5 Steps to PPC Success

Know Your Objectives: Our Pay Per Click services begin with a consultation to learn more about your business and the goals you want to achieve.

Customized PPC Advertising Plan: The next step is keyword research. We research the terms that people are using when they are search for products and services like yours. Then we put together ads designed to entice the qualified visitor and filter out the rest. These ads are targeted on the national, regional or local market you serve.

Track Your Results: Our PPC services drive sales and leads through contact submission forms, Email, custom landing pages, and phone calls. Powerful reporting gives you insight into the performance of your Pay Per Click marketing campaign so you can fully understand the "who, when, and how" of customers finding and buying from your business.

Ongoing Campaign Improvements: As time goes on, we analyze the results and make improvements to your PPC advertising campaign to make it even more effective.

Go Beyond the Clicks: In addition to driving pre-qualified traffic to your site our paid search services include working with you to expand to content on your site as needed to support the campaign creating landing pages, sales pages and lead capture forms and providing constructive input on your website to improve sales and lead conversions.

Put your website in front of people who are looking for your products. Watch the results as your site traffic, and most importantly qualified leads, grow your business.

Contact us to see how we can help you get the targeted traffic you need.