Retargeting Gives You a Second Chance, and a third and a fourth.

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    What is Retargeting? Retargeting is a method of getting banner ads with your brand and message in front of people who have already been on your website. Sometimes referred to as Behavioral Targeting, the goal of retargeting is to recapture previous visitors to your site and to have another chance at closing that sale or capturing that lead.

    • Incredible return on investment
    • Highly targeted
    • Serves your banners to past visitors rather than strangers
    • Very effective way to present special offers



    If you have ever visited a company’s website and then after you left it started to notice that company’s ads on many different websites that you normally visit, or felt as though a company was “following you around” the web after you had visited their site then you have experienced retargeting.

    Getting qualified traffic to a website is neither easy nor cheap. Converting that traffic into a lead or a sale, even on the best preforming websites happens 1-5% of the time. That means that 95-99% are leaving without taking any action. They have however seen your site and become aware of your organization and to a greater or lesser extent what you offer.

    Retargeting gets your brand and your offering back in front of those ‘lost’ visitors - often gained by SEO or PPC methods. It reminds them why they came to your site in the first place and it gives them incentive to return. Done right it also gives them the impression that your company is “everywhere” on the web.

    We can help you build a retargeting campaign that will bring that ‘lost traffic’ back to your site and give you another chance to convert them to a sale or lead.

    • How does retargeting work? If a potential customer leaves your site and browses the internet your ads will display on some of the other websites they visit, keeping your message in their peripheral attention and increasing your mindshare with them. These ads can even display the specific product that they were viewing on your site, multiple products or anything else you choose. With these repeated reminders a surprisingly large number of these lost visitors return to your website and convert
    •  How is it done? A line of code is added to your web page(s). Visitors get an ordinary everyday anonymous cookie containing no personal or identifiable information, spyware, or adware whatsoever. When they visit sites that work with the retargeting network (Google for example) the cookie tells the website to display your banner ad.
    • What do the ads show? Those ads can display the exact product they were viewing while on your site, or multiple products, or anything else you choose. It’s up to you. With these gentle ad reminders, the lost prospect will return to your site and convert – often at a higher rate, and many times with an increased average order value.