After Amazon consultants have set up the essential steps required for campaigns to run successfully, they direct their attention to Amazon advertising and campaign management. What this means is that they work on the many tasks that need to be maintained for a business to take off and perform well.

One important Amazon campaign management task consultants focus on is making bid – and budget adjustments based on performance. Amazon account managers are regularly reviewing sales, ACOS, clicks, impressions, cost, and other metrics reflecting the overall account health. That way it can be guaranteed that clients are investing their money effectively and in a way that improves their campaigns’ performance.

Together with bid and budget maintenance, consultants manage product listings and observe any inventory changes to keep up with the current supply and demand. Communication and allowing for a continuous exchange of information regarding inventory, status, and other important changes that might affect account performance are highly recommended to continue growing a client’s business on their end.

Reviewing customer search terms and building out negative keyword lists are necessary in Amazon advertising management, to focus a campaign’s targeting and spend. Choosing what not to target will help Amazon show an ad only to the searches and customers that the account should be targeting. This will, in turn, decrease wasting money on clicks that are irrelevant to the product listings, and allow for a higher quality, conversion rate, and overall performance.

Another critical function is reputation management. Responding to feedback and keeping Amazon ratings high is vital to the account’s health and appearance to future customers. Sales and revenue depend heavily on feedback and ratings from former customers. Therefore, keeping up a high standard of customer service- and experience is an integral part of Amazon advertising management.

In addition to the tasks mentioned above, there are many other areas that are an important part of Amazon advertising and campaign management. As an Amazon consulting company, Minnesota Interactive has the experience and know-how necessary to help clients’ accounts thrive and their businesses grow.