Converting traffic to Sales, Leads or Captured Contacts is the primary goal (or should be) of most websites. Improving the number of those conversions is one of just two ways to improve the results you are seeing from your website (the other is increasing relevant traffic).

What is a good conversion rate?
A strong conversion rate depends on your industry and your business model. On average expect between 1 and 6 percent of your visitors to accept your call to action. Many of our customers see double-digit increases in conversion rates within just a couple of months of signing up for our service. Using our proven AIDA strategies (attention, interest, desire, and action), you can improve your current standing no matter where it is.

What is AIDA?
AIDA, or Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action is often used in conjunction with practical methods to increase website conversions. Your website should capture visitors’ attention, hold their interest, create desire, and generate action. FRD focuses on setting measurable goals and ensuring that we live up to our promises. If your goal is to increase your website’s conversion rate, our goal is to put you on the path to success.

Our conversion experts start by conducting a hot spot inspection of your current web design. Sometimes simply making your call to action more prominently visible will improve your results. If a redesign is necessary, our design and development team can create a conversion optimized design priced to fit almost any budget. We also address potential blockages in your conversion funnel, things that will slow down or even stop potential customers from committing to a course of action. Some types of blockages that will discourage customers from conducting business with you include: unclear written policies, confusing, complex, or overly demanding instructions, dull content, and opaque business practices.

You can expect your conversion rate to increase as you improve your content and add more diverse content such as images, videos, and user reviews. Honest, well-written user reviews are highly valuable. Note that testimonials are not the same as user reviews. Testimonials include only favorable reports, whereas user reviews should include both favorable and unfavorable reports from your customers. Let word of mouth be of the most compelling advertisers for your business by incorporating user reviews into your conversion optimization strategy.