A Website Is No Longer Enough… You Need an Internet Marketing Strategymni_header30

Website marketing used to be “Build it and they will come”. Those days are over. Just having a website is not enough. If you use your website for any of the reasons listed below, MNI can help your website bring in more income for your business.

Whether we call it Internet marketing, Web marketing or online marketing the intent is the same: bring qualified traffic to your website and convert those visitors to leads, sales and clients.

Integrated Internet Marketing?

Our approach to Internet marketing is focused on four primary areas that will help you succeed.

Traffic Generation

How do you get people to your website? The key to this is search engine optimization and marketing. Discovering the keywords that people are using when they are looking for  the goods and services that you offer; building copy on your site and links from other sites that help you rank better on the search results for those search terms; and supporting those efforts with paid search, banners, retargeting, email and social media marketing where appropriate. Integrating these tactics to leverage and support each other are the result of starting with a focused Internet marketing strategy.

Turning Visitors Into Customers

Your website needs to be a sales and lead generation machine. Qualified visitors come to websites looking for something. The website needs to give the visitor what they are looking for while leading them down a sales funnel and getting them to do what you want, whether that’s filling out a contact form or clicking a “Buy Now” button.


Once someone turns into a customer the next step is keeping them as a customer. After people leave your website email marketing is a proven method of gaining and growing mind share with your prospects, as well as generating repeat business. Another powerful tool is Social Media marketing as it allows you to engage your prospects and customers on an ongoing basis with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google +.


How can you tell if all of this is working? By using free tools such as Google Analytics or similar, but more full featured, commercial tools to measure how many people are coming to the site, how they found you and what they did once they got there. Done properly this will help continually improve your website and judge the results of your interactive online marketing efforts. We can show you how to get the most out of these tools and analyze the reports as part of our online marketing consulting.

“I want to drive more qualified traffic to my website. Let’s get going.“