Identifying Opportunities

Identifying new opportunities is like finding unexpected cash already in your pocket.

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    Identifying Opportunities is something that our 50 years of combined internet business experience has taught us well. Are you torn between trying a tried-and-true method vs. an innovative business approach? Whether you are introducing a new product or service from one market to another, or wishing to fulfill a market need, FRD can help you identify business opportunities that can turn a profit. Some examples of opportunities we have been able to identify for others are:

    • Demonstrating how simple changes to a landing page increases conversions by 30%.
    • Reducing AdWords spend by turning off paid terms that bring in the wrong kind of traffic.
    • Increasing SEO page rankings by 300% through simple link building and easy on page changes.
    • Determining how a competitor was winning and come up with a way to use their strengths against them.

    What gold mines are you sitting on?

    Identifying Opportunities

    We aren’t afraid to take inspiration from the competition. Many successful ideas come from existing businesses and competitors.  We tell you what your direct competitors are doing for customers and help you determine what you should be doing for yours. Our team helps you understand what need is not being met at the moment, and research what it takes to serve that need both efficiently and profitably.

    Here’s what we can do…

    Keep and open ear and an open mind. Get to know your business, listen to your employees. Those running the day-to-day operations who pay attention to the needs of clients they deal with on a daily basis. What are clients asking for that you are not offering? How are they responding to your messaging and that of your competitors?

    Determine how many buyers are in the field and what are the alternative products being offered out there. What are the barriers for looking into this opportunity? Learning about these things will help you determine if this business opportunity will be the right one to pursue.

    Identifying and planning how to make the most of unexpected opportunities can rob valuable time from your existing business. Let FRD save you time and money by putting our experience to work for you.